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The stock exchange crisis that has actually upset the world markets in very current times was not the just one in the stock exchange history, a history that started a long time earlier. We can even state that the ancestors of the stock exchange date back to the ancient Greece, when there that was a sort of stockbroker and trader called trapezia. The other predecessors of financial markets were to be discovered in some Italian trading towns like Venice and Florence in the 15th century. Apart from these ancient examples, we can declare that the history of the trading of shares began later, most especially in the 16th century in Bruges. And it was in the Fleming city that the term bears, which represents stock exchange, are believed to be born. The term is believed to come from the name of the family of merchants Van der Burse: it was in their house that the trading for buying and selling of shares standing for goods or money originating from four nations occurred. On the facade of the palace of the family Van der Burse individuals might see the coat of arms of the family, representing 3 bags: bursa is the Latin word for bag, for that reason the term bus may originate from that.

What is a stock exchange? A stock exchange is likewise called a stock exchange. Business provide their shares on the stock exchange so that purchasers and sellers can quickly and conveniently trade them. The New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ are examples of stock exchanges in the United States. The shares are traded (gotten and sold) at the stock exchange without the direct participation of the business. The buyers and sellers of shares can use a stockbroker to purchase and offer shares. A stock broker is a person who earns a commission for performing this service: he buys and offers shares on behalf of investors.

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The online trading of stock has actually brought a twist in the techniques of trading in the market of finance and economy. There many advantages of trading stock online.

Trading in Bruges took place also on squares and amongst the canals of Amsterdam, but your house of the Van der Burse was definitely among the most important locations for trading.

The first stock exchange was born in Antwerp in 1531, then lots of other stock exchanges were born in many important European and American cities, like Lyon in France (1548) and Amsterdam (1561), which became much more important than Antwerp. The most important stock exchange of the world, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) was set up at the end of the 18th century, even more precisely in 1792, while the Milan Stock Exchange was born at the start of 1808.

Considering that the institution of the very first Stock Exchange and in the following centuries the field of stock exchange has definitely gone with numerous developments and modifications, and crisis too, from the trade growths in the 18th century, which boosted the development of the stock exchange, to the speculative boom in the 19th century, from the Wall Street Crash of 1929 to the recent crisis that is still affecting our lives, from the trading from the gates to online trading. Positive and negative moments, that has distinguished the history of one of the most ancient organizations of many societies.

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